Parallel sub projects

I did a search but the word parallel makes this really makes it challenging to find the answer. I have once had parallel subprojects happen in one of my main projects, but I cannot find out how to make that split (i.e. I don’t know how it happened the first time). How do I do that?

Sorry if this is obvious or dealt with elsewhere.

Do you mean change from a Sequential to a Parallel?

Only works on a task that has sub-tasks (then all child tasks take on that attribute).

Highlight your task, then on the Inspector there should be two (lower level) or three (top level) options: Sequential, Parallel, or Single Action (top level only).

Does that help?

You can create action groups within a project that can be treated as sub-projects. These groups can be set to either parallel or sequential.

You’ll find more information in the OmniFocus docs (Help > OmniFocus Help) under the heading of “Grouping Items”.

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