Parent actions not shown in custom perspectives, but in build-in perspectives

I’d like to use action groups in this case:
Usually my projects are set parallel. when there are 2 actions which are sequential, say, after action1 finished, action2 starts. i just put action1 as action2’s child action. The benefit is: it’s simple than having to set up a new sequential group, then put action1 and action2 in it.

It is OK when i use build-in perspectives like Flagged. when i set action2 a flag, action1 is automatically set a flag, then in Flagged, i can only see action1. after i finish action1, action2 shows up in Flagged automatically.

But in custom perspectives (group actions independently) , i will never see action2, even if action1 is finished.

My use case may not be encouraged, but i still insist it would work the same way in both build-in and custom perspectives. Especially i didn’t notice this, until i missed some important tasks to do. And i was really frustrated about it.


Sorry for the frustration. We made a change today that hopefully will help with this.

If you go to the preferences and switch the Organization preference pane, there’s a new option, “Include projects and groups“ when grouping actions independently.

Hopefully this works for you. Please let us know if it doesn’t.

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Thanks, Curt.

I think it will be the solution. But will the new option work on OmniFocus 2 for iphone now?

The option is synced to the iPhone. This isn’t a brand new setting, we just moved it into the preference pane today to make it easier to find.

(Before today, it was in the Context perspective view options. But it was confusing that the setting there applied to all perspectives that didn’t organize by project hierarchy.)

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@curt Should this setting apply to the Forecast perspective as well? Even with it unchecked I still see groups show up

We intend that the Forecast perspective show you everything important about a given day. If you set an action group as due on a particular day, then OmniFocus will show that group, regardless of this preference setting. This lets people set the due date on a group to make sure they notice it on that day.

The general idea is that due dates are sacrosanct. If you put a due date on something, OmniFocus will show it in forecast. (And if you set a due date on an item and an even earlier due date on its parent, OmniFocus will show the item on the earlier due date.)

For your particularly use case, would it work to set the due date on the actions inside the group instead of on the group itself?

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Yes, I think that will work for me. Thanks for the response/