Past due tasks not properly marked and/or showing up in forecast

I love to use the forecast view on my Mac or iOS to keep me on track day-to-day. A problem I run in to is that some tasks which are past due are not recognized as such.

For example: I have a task ‘service Mountain Bike’ in a single action list called ‘Sports’, which is nested in an active project folder ‘Sports’. The task has a due date ‘12/15/17’; it is available, but does not color red, of show up in my forecast view.

Anyone any idea what causes this.

(obviously I’ll survive not servicing the mountain bike in time, but there are similar issues for ‘pay contractor bill’ that may become problematic)


Might this thread be useful?

A screenshot that includes the item’s details in the Mac inspector might be helpful. Is it possible that the “17” in the date is 2117 or some other future date?

Thanks for the quick reply.
I added a screenshot with the details in view (from a different task with the same issue).

I appears that your second suggestion is correct. The year is 12017.

Weird thing is that I’m not able to correct it. I tried re-entering the date in various forms (‘M/D/YYYY’, ‘MM/DD/YYYY’, ‘MM/DD/YY’, ‘mon D, YYYY’ and even just ‘YYYY’) and the year changes back to 12017.

I tried picking a date in 2018 for the same item (so it would in the future), but that changes to 12018 as well.

I tracked down 3 instances of the issue, in one of them I was able to correct it, but not in the other two.
I keep trying to find what I’m doing wrong/different.

Thanks for the screenshot! My guess is that in System Preferences > Language and Region, your calendar is set to ISO8601. We’ve got a bug with that preference that results in dates entered in the inspector (but not the outline) being off by 10 centuries. Sorry about this!

Thanks… that’s probably it then (except that in my case it is off bij 100 centuries).
My calendar was indeed set to ISO8601; I switched that to Gregorian.

Funny thing is: I only had the issue with the due dates, not the deferred dates.
Last night (before reading your answer) I went through all projects and tasks and changed the (obviously) incorrect dates in the outline. That worked without a problem.

I’m glad that explains it—sorry again for the inconvenience.