Past Start Dates Perspective is Confusing me

There are a few posts out there, but still can’t seem to get the swing of it. When a start date is past it disappears from the forecast. Doing a review each time or sifting through projects isn’t very efficient. I looked up how to create a perspective, but not sure if I’m doing it wrong or if it’s just a limitation. The perspectives I’ve tried still show me due dates which I can live with I guess, but it also shows things without defer or due dates including projects! it’s cluttered with things I dont want to see. There are also things showing that I have in projects on hold, but not all of them. I might be able to live with the rest, but showing projects and random things on hold is annoying and I can’t seem to figure out any logic as to why its showing what. There must be a better way. Any help to clear up my confusion is greatly appreciated!

Maybe share a screenshot of the perspective you’re using? Maybe I’m over-simplifying, but any task that isn’t on hold and whose start date has passed should be “available”, so any perspective showing available tasks grouped and sorted desirably should do, non? I’m probably missing something, though.


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