Paste as 'simplified style'

I frequently copy bits of text from documents, emails, or websites to paste in the notes of a task. Due to the way these are encoded, they often paste with highlighting (white for most webpages). I then have to select all the text, right click, and click ‘simplify style’. I have to do this almost every time I paste something into a note.

How can I paste as plain or ‘simplified’ text to avoid these repeated steps?

The standard MacOS shortcut for Paste and Match Style (Cmd-Opt-Shift-v) works for me. Does that do what you want?


That works, thanks!
It is rather like playing a bizarre guitar cord, and will take some getting used to

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You could change this keyboard shortcut for Omnifocus in the Mac OS system settings, though. But I would be surprised if you don’t find this standard shortcut useful in other applications too.

I find this keyboard shortcut so useful, in so many Apps, that I have one of the extra buttons on my mouse programmed for it.

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