Paste without tags

I maintain context tags for one-on-one (1:1) meetings with each of my direct reports (e.g. "Alice Jones 1:1”, “Bob Kent 1:1”). Sometimes I will want to add an action for the next meeting with each of my direct reports, so I’ll add it to the “Alice Jones 1:1” tag, and then I’ll copy and paste that into the "Bob Kent 1:1” tag (as well as the tags for each of my other direct reports).

The problem I’m having is that because the first instance was copied from the “Alice Jones 1:1” tag, that tag is also applied to all the new instances when I paste them into other tags.

For my workflow, it would make the most sense for tags in clipboard data not to be applied when actions are pasted into a tag’s action list. I’m not sure if this would break any other common workflows, though.

Alternatively, I would find it handy to have a “Paste without tags” menu option that I could map to a keyboard shortcut for my purposes.

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