Pasted graphic display/hide triangle for attached images?

I have a tremendous number of pasted graphics in my outlines. There used to be a small little triangle that would display or hide the graphic in OO3. In OO4 I have to click on the graphic and then change the setting to either “show as image” or “show as icon” and then click done. That’s three clicks instead of just one.
Method number two is to right-click the graphic and then choose the desired setting from the pulldown menu. This is still multiple clicks and requires appropriate targeting.

Can we please bring the little triangle back?

It really is so much faster when having many images in a file.

Thanks, Scott


Yes, I would like to attach many pdfs to my outline as citations, but it is annoying to have to click through these steps and choose show as icon. Obviously, it makes no sense to have an image within the outline distracting from the outline itself. I just want an icon with title that I can open later with my pdf reader.

There should be a way to make attachments show as an icon by default (global setting).

Until this feature is implemented, does anyone have any work arounds to make this workflow more efficient?

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In addition to this, I would also like to see the ability to control the size of the preview image.