Pasting list of items to inbox or other project

If I have a list of tasks say from another app like notes or OmniOutliner, can I paste theae directly into the inbox or a new or other prohect as separate actions?

When I have tried this I just get one action with a list separated by newlines.

Apologies if this is very basic, I could not see this in the manual.


It matters whether you are editing the text of a task title or not when you paste. If you are editing, the lines get pasted into the title. If you are not editing, then each line gets pasted as an individual task.

Can’t see how to do this on the ipad. What do I click on first? Every paste just adds one action with the list as the title.
On Mac it works with import OO.

Oh, I’m sorry. I should have noticed you were talking about iPad not Mac version. My apologies. I hope others can help.