Pause or wait recurring tasks one time

I have numerous recurring weekly or monthly tasks. Often for very good reasons I may need to wait on a task for a few days but do not want change the recurrence date from first of week or month for example.

As a result, it would be helpful to be able to “wait” the task for a few days. NOTE: I actually keep wanting to say “defer” but I understand that term is treated differently here…

Is there a good workaround for this as the system will reset the date if I do this on a single task for each future recurring period in it’s current configuration.

The only option I can see is to recreate the task each week/month which kind of defeats the point of recurring tasks.

If you wanna get nuts, you could follow me down the rabbit hole:

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Not exactly what I want to do, but close. I want to simply pause a task. I have repeating tasks for a project that is on hold, so I don’t need to do them, but when the project starts back up, I will so I don’t want it to stay red (overdue), just paused. If any knows how to do this (and I didn’t understand if this workflow would really work for me), please share. Thanks!

I do something incredibly similar to this, my script marks the current iteration as skipped, creates a “new” version, and then puts a note in the skipped task to let me know.

However, with OmniFocus 4 and reminders being able to appear in the Forecast view (and the structure of most of my repeating tasks being defer based without due dates), I now just set a reminder for a specific date and time that I want to do it at—so the task shows up in Forecast again on that day, as well as notifying me, and because the notification is for a specific date and time, it doesn’t copy to the next instance.

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Given that these tasks can be held I presume they are set to defer date rather than due date…In that case why not just leave it sitting there until it needs to be done, I could never see a problem leaving something sitting for a few days until clearing it.

Another option, check it off and create a one off task deferred for 2-3 whatever days, scripting not really needed (as I found was often the case).

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