Pausing hierarchies of stuff is awkward

I often want to pause whole hierarchies of nested stuff, like work tasks when I’m at home or vice versa.

Obviously it’s possible to pause a single project/tag, then and undo it later, but doing this on a folder hierarchy must be done manually or scripted.

A folder can be reversibly dropped and that drops all the sub-folders and projects. However this makes me nervous as I really do only want to pause it all - but there’s no paused status on a folder.

On the other hand with tags, I can pause the root tag of a hierarchy/group, but the sub-tags do not get paused.

I know that the focus feature could be used instead, but mostly use iOS and the web version where the feature isn’t (currently) available.

It just strikes me as an odd omission.

That is an excellent idea. So are you thining it would be under “Action” (“Active”, “Paused/Inactive”, “Completed”, “Dropped”)? Maybe “Delayed”?

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I can’t find the reference, but I recall Ken Case saying in the past that he had always wanted the ability to put entire folders on hold, and that that was something that could be enabled by the adoption of the extensible database schema in OF2. Perhaps I’m remembering wrongly, they decided against the extra complexity, or its priority got reduced in favour of all the new features we got.

I agree it would be a nice addition, to put a whole theme or area of responsibility on hold. I also sometimes split a project up into smaller projects in preference to adding more levels of action groups, the containing folder then represents the overall goal. The ‘Dropped’ status on a folder propagates to its projects since the addition in OF of dropped projects/actions, so why not the on-hold status too.

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