Performance Issues

Is there anything I can do to increase performance in OmniGraffle (6.4.1)? I use OmniGraffle on a fairly new Macbook Pro (i7 2.8Ghz, 16GB RAM) and a decent iMac (i7 3.x Ghz, 32GB RAM) and there is a very noticeable delay when zooming and panning around the document. Other vector drawing apps such as Affinity Designer or Adobe Illustrator/inDesign have no noticeable delays, so I’m fairly positive this is an OmniGraffle issue. Is there a way I can devote more RAM to the app or anything?

If not, are there any plans to support Metal (which I assume would increase performance) or otherwise increase performance going forward?

Thanks in advance!

mehreenshaikh, was this suppose to be in response to my post? As I mentioned, I’m already using version 6.4.1 and have extreme lag/FPS issues with my documents. If I disable gridlines it helps a bit, but it’s still very slow. Even looking at a storyboard in XCode with around 100 view controllers is still much faster than OmniGraffle.