Perpectives from Mac Pro version to iphone app?


I was thinking about upgrading my Mac Version of OF2 to a pro Version, because i miss the custom perspective views… As it seems the Iphone app is not able to create own perspectives i was thinking if the created perpectives from OF 2 PRO Mac Version will be synced to the app?

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Yes, all context-based perspectives show up on iOS.

Currently, the only limitation is project-based perspectives (as you can easily check in other threads in this forum), which at the moment don’t show up. There are talks about changing coming in the future, though.

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Thank you for your answer,

so lets say i want to have a perspective that Shows me flagged itmes sorted by context - is possible?

My workflow is normaly that I check my inbox at the evening and flag available itmes that i want to do the next day. (For which i want to have a perspective too - All Itmes - Show just available - sorted by Project or context)

Sure, I have something very similar to that.

I normally check these perspectives

  • Routines (only recurrent tasks, contained in a separate folder)
  • Today (for my most important tasks, it shows only flagged or due soon)
  • Planning (all available tasks, grouped by project — normally used when I’m on my Mac)
  • Available@ (same as above, but grouped by context — I prefer that view when I’m on my iPhone)
    … among a few others.

All above are context-based perspectives. Hope this helps.