Perspective "Filter by Status" Definitions

I would like some clarification of the different options for “filter by status” in perspectives. “Any status”, “Flagged” and “Unflagged” and “Due Soon” are pretty clear. “Due soon” will filter according to the number of days set in Preferences. However, the “Due or Flagged” option is deceptive in that is it really “Due SOON or Flagged” because that option filters actions due in the time frame set in preference not just any action with a set due date. The same is true for the other options that include “Due”. Instead, shouldn’t they be listed in the drop down box as:

Due Soon or Flagged
Due Soon and Flagged
Due Soon and Unflagged

Maybe I am missing something?

You’re not missing anything, you’re just being pedantic about the wording. :-)

I suspect the reason it is as it is is because the drop down selections are shorter with the current wording.


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