Perspective for active projects that have no SA in the name


All of my single-action-lists in OmniFocus have “SA” in the name, like “Guitar SA” or “Mac SA”.

I have a perspective that shows me the active projects.
Now I would like another one that shows me all active projects WHITOUT the single-action-lists, that is

  • all active projects
  • that have no “* SA*” at the end of the name (I think “in the name” would be good enough too).

Any idea how could I do this?



Single Actions or Administrative work

I group my single actions lists (SALs) into a single actions folder.

Then I group all of my special projects (that are not SA) in another folder.

In my example, my single actions list are in a folder called Admin Actions. Most of my single actions are administrative in nature - it helps me to maintain my current life.

In the screenshot above, I have a folder for each area of responsibility. I have an Office Projects folder, a Personal Projects folder, a Home Projects folder, a Family Projects folder, etc.

My Admin perspective is a custom perspective that focuses on the Admin folder.

You can change the focus to one folder that contains all of your SALs.

So I can go to my Admin perspective and look at all the SALs there.

Big Rocks

I can also create a perspective that shows currently active projects in the projects folder that looks like this:

Set a project in the folders to active to show up in my Big Rocks perspective. If I defer it to a future date like January 1, 2019, the project will be hidden for now but it will pop up in this perspective on January 1, 2019. If I set the project status to On Hold, it will not be shown in this perspective. If I set the project status back to Active, it will show up.

Set the focus of the Big Rocks perspective to certain folders. You can have one Personal Big Rock perspective for your Home folder, Family folder, and the Parent Teacher Organization folder, etc.

Then you might have a Work Big Rocks perspective that focuses on just the Work folder.

I understand.

But then I’ll need a perspective for each of the Area Of Focus - Folder, right?

My “Active”-Perspective shows all active projects, regardless where they exists.

You can create a perspective that focuses on all of your folders or only a subset. You might want to have a Work Big Rock perspective showing just currently active work projects. Or you might have a Personal Big Rocks showing just currently active personal projects.

Currently I only have one Big Rock perspective that is grouped by Folder and shows me all of my currently active projects. I can click on one project in the projects sidebar and the main outline will show the remaining actions in my selected project.

Some folks might want to have different Big Rock perspectives for different reasons. I’m comfortable with one Big Rock as shown in my screenshot here.

My current Big Rocks is intentionally small. I have three office Big Rocks, one UOG project (independent contractor side business), one house Big Rock, and one Personal Big Rock.

My Big Rock perspective is small enough for me to have only one perspective. But some other users might have a lot more active projects. In that case, it makes sense to break down the Big Rocks perspective into different perspectives.

I also focus on folders representing my Areas of Responsibilities. I do not focus on my maintenance folder which contains maintenance or routine tasks. The Big Rocks perspective is for special projects that are not single actions or routine stuff (bill paying, housekeeping, etc.). I don’t want to see my House Routines or Office Routines in the Big Rocks perspective.

Got it now, thanks!

I have to remember to look into the SAs-Folder now (your Admin Actions) in order to get everything related to each Area Of Focus.
A small price to pay ;-)

Thanks again!

Now I solved the original problem (other than expected) BUT nevertheless: Is there a way to filter projects with certain status (active / inactive) AND a not-condition (“not containing ‘SA’ in the name”) too?

Sadly there is no smart conditional search yet. You can send an email to to help vote up a feature request.

If you create a custom perspective that searches for the text ‘SAList’. Put that text term inside the notes section of the project. That might work.

Otherwise, I created a custom projects perspective called Single Actions and focus on my Single Actions folder (Admin Folder).

Thanks for the feature request - email!

That’s exactly what I did: an SA-Perspective! :-)

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