Perspective for filtering projects without next actions

I’m creating a perspective to show actions I need to do. I need to filter out all deferred actions, all “On hold” actions, etc. Obviously my projects contain 2+ actions. Problem is that even if project does not contain active actions, it displayed in my perspective because the project itself is active. I can either manually set project to “on hold” but it seems strange and unnecessary to me, because I’ll need to keep it in sync with first action.

So how do I filter out projects without available actions?

My current settings:
Use project hierarchy
Group projects by folder
Sort projects by unsorted
Filter by status Any status
Filter by availability Available
Filter by duration Any duration
Filter projects Remaining

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If your goal is to show actions available, then using the context hierarchy as opposed to project hierarchy might make more sense - after all, like you say, it’s not projects you want to see but things you have to do.

For organization purposes and to keep the project information handy, you could group actions by project. In this way, you get a list of projects with available actions, what the actions are, and can further focus by choosing a particular context in the sidebar.

Hope that helps!


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I had the exact same request as @vbezhenar, and never thought of sorting a Context view by Project. Works a treat. Thanks, @deturbulence!