Perspective for flagged AND context?

I would like to create a perspective that shows all flagged tasks (regardless of context) and all tasks with some specific contexts, to view different kind of urgent tasks at the same time. This does not seem possible, though. Or does anyone have any brilliant ideas about how to do this?

I think the system Kourosh Dini describes here might be helpful for you. He uses flagged projects and just a few contexts to filter his tasks. I think his second edition of Creating Flow with OmniFocus changes this system slightly.

Thanks for the link. It describes something different, though: showing flagged projects with specific contexts. What I am trying to do is to show all existing flagged tasks (in every project) toghether with all tasks (including tasks without flags) with some specific contexts. But that might be a contradiction, so I guess I’ll have to continue the way I do it now, by first showing my flagged tasks and then showing my tasks with the specific contexts.

Yes he does deal with flagged projects but the principle is the same. The Status: Flagged Perspective drop-down shows whatever is flagged, tasks or, in Kourosh’s case there, contexts.

That sounds like an interesting model, but from what I can see, it is only possible to set flags for projects in Omnifocus, not for contexts.

Sorry I am not being clear. When making a context-based perspective, you can select the contexts that will be filtered by the perspective.

A verbal description of such a perspective would be, “Show me for any active project all tasks that are either flagged or available in the following contexts: A, B, or C.”

I only manage to create a perspective that shows either the flagged tasks in all contexts or the flagged tasks in contexts A, B, and C. May I ask you to share a screenshot of the settings for a perspective that shows the flagged tasks in all contexts and all tasks in contexts A, B, and C (the screenshots from Kourosh Dini are, for some reason, not available to me, if they would have made things clearer).

And my foggy brain finally understands your last post. I do not think OmniFocus can do both of the things you describe.You probably have a good reason to want those contexts to be highlighted like flagged tasks, but I would suggest you think about getting into the practice of flagging them to get noticed. You could always put them in a special project or action group of one that is flagged itself; the flags are inherited by the children items.