Perspective for flagged tasks AND tasks with deferred-dates?


There are plenty of perspectives for flagged tasks and tasks with due-dates.
What I rather want is one for tasks that are flagged or have deferred-dates, ordered by deferred-date and sorted by context.

Any idea?



There is presently no way to filter out items without defer dates.

So the best you’d be able to accomplish is filtering for flagged items and then grouping by defer date and ordering by context. This will put actions without defer dates at the bottom, at least.

Hi, Ryan!

Thanks for your reply!

Ok, than I suppose I have to live with it.

Thanks for the perspective too!
I use an almost identical one, The only difference is: I DON’t filter by status because I want to see both flagged tasks OR tasks with defer-dates.

My problem is: once in a while I have a task with a defer-date (let’s say of today) that I’m not able to check (today)!

If the task ISN’T flagged it will not appear in a perspective that shows only tasks that are due or flagged.
And so I need the above mentioned perspective, for tasks that are flagged or have defer-dates (possibly in the past).

Thanks again!