Perspective for flagged tasks with due-dates only


I am using flags for my next actions and deferred-dates in order to show tasks starting with a specific date.

I also have a perspective that shows me the flagged items grouped by deferred-date and sorted by context.
Filtering only the available tasks and closing the tasks whitout a deferred-date shows me the chosen tasks for today:

and viceversa, I can choose a task from my next action-tasks by opening the tasks whitout a deferred-date (Jetzt verfügbar in the attached screenshot) and closing correspondently the tasks with differed-dates.

I have a minor problem with this approach: on the iPhone / iPad I always have to scroll a lot in order to reach the bottom where the flagged tasks whitout deferred-date are shown.

Therefore my question: is there a way to show

  1. only the flagged tasks with a deferred-date (for my TODAY-perspective) and

  2. viceversa, only the flagged tasks whitout a deferred-date (for my NEXT ACTION-perspective)