Perspective for Tags with No Action

I’m attempting to setup a perspective that delivers the outcome from the attached screenshot.

When I attempt to set up the perspective, it only populates tags that have actions as follows:

thank them for being great parents


Do not show up because they have no action item.

My goal is to see the parent tag and all the child tags regardless of the tags having or not having actions.

Any help is much appreciated.

Here’s what my perspective yields, I can’t get it to show the no action child tags as desired in my first post.

As you discovered, tags will only show up in custom perspectives if they have at least one associated action. While I generally prefer this behaviour, I can see instances where it would be helpful to have an option to see tags that aren’t currently assigned.

I encourage you to reach out to the Omni Group with the this feedback. The simplest way to get in touch with them is choose Contact Omni from the Help menu in OmniFocus for Mac.

In what cases would seeing tag groups without any actions be useful?

@aquafarr why do you wish to see people with no associated actions in your custom perspective? What about if you were tracking 50 people?

Um can’t you just use tag view? I will show all tags but if you have them grouped it should not be a problem if you just select the parent tag.

So if they appear on the left (tags) and not on the right pane (info) they have no actions.

Does not require a custom perspective.

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