Perspective issues

i bought the perspective upgrade but discovered I cant use it for what I wanted.
I wanted to make a perspective to show all flagged items + my daily project items.

I have daily project list which holds things I do every day. Then i flag items from other projects and want to do these today. I have been using the flagged perspective and looking at my daily list and I thought I can combine them in some nice way…

Oh. I didn’t realize I can flag a whole project.
So I flagged my daily. Anything in there is flagged automatically so it’s added right away even when the item repeats.

Not sure I need perspectives. Would be cool to see perspective have a badge number rather than icon.

Also would be nice if swiping an action item to the right would flag it faster.

The Omni Group would like to have all feature requests sent by e-mail to their support, so that is how you should ask for flagging by swiping. I asked for it the other day, but the more requests they get, the more likely it is that they will include the feature in a future update.