Perspective not working as Mac version

There seems to be a mismatch between the mac and iOS version. It makes for a horrible experience when attempting to check off my list - Repeating Tasks don’t get checked or disappear; they get a defer date - making it very difficult to see what’s been done.

Getting a defer date on repeating tasks is, of course, correct, but my perspective shows "available’ tasks. I’m used to omnifocus showing a check mark until I refresh/clear.

Am I doing something wrong?
Is this a feature, not a bug?
Or am I right and it’s the kids who are wrong?

When I check the task as ‘done’ I get this:

I’d post more images to explain, but I’m a new user :(

Have you tied clearing the screen (pull down and refresh)?

Well, sure. It’s not consistent with my experience of OF though.

Thanks though - it works

How would I do this, but have the task either disappear or remain checked? Perhaps this is an issue to email Omnigroup with

OF allows newly completed tasks to sit (greyed out) until you choose to refresh, or change to another perspective. The idea is to allow you to double check you have checked off the correct item(s).
It can be annoying, but it’s even more annoying if they suddenly disappear and you have to go to ‘completed’ perspective to double check you checked off the correct item(s).
Other apps do something similar.


Absolutely, a task shouldn’t disappear when checked - although it kinda is disappearing if you think about it. I think it should, as is does on the desktop version, remain ticked. And I really think it shouldn’t show the future deferred task.

Right now, it’s doing both, the checked task has disappeared and the repeating deferred task is showing in a perspective that is set to hide (view options AVAILABLE).

Here’s how the iOS handles a repeating task in Tags view - which I think the Perspective view should be consistent with.

View options AVAILABLE


It’s not breaking the whole system, but I think it’s an inconsistency that could be dealt with. I’ll send an email to support.

Thanks for chiming in

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You mean annoyingly disappearing like if you change the one thing that put that task with your viewed perspective, by accident, and the task instantly disappears?

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