Perspective Sync to iPhone

Is there a way to get my Perspectives to sync to my iPhone?

Perspectives should already be syncing to your phone. Have you tapped the Perspectives item on the OmniFocus for iPhone home screen? From there you can see and switch to all your perspectives, or use the “star” buttons to pin certain perspectives to your home screen. For example, I keep my “Grocery Run” perspective on the home screen. This is a perspective I created with OmniFocus 2 on my work laptop.

If this user interface was not obvious to you, I’d appreciate if you emailed

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Note that not all perspectives will sync. Only context-based perspectives will sync, not project-based ones.


“Only context-based perspectives will sync, not project-based ones.”


I like OmniFocus but I think I fundamentally misunderstand the philosophy of the developers. Yes, yes, I know it’s based on GTD – but the rules it imposes on it’s users seem really arbitrary at times. I just want to be able to QUICKLY SEE and organize my stuff. I resent this notion that the way I want to do it is somehow “wrong”.

I’m trying to be constructive here, but it is SO frustrating when I want to start the day with a quick overview of everything I’ve got going on, but first I need to hack at Omni Focus for sometimes up to hour to get it to show me what I want to see. I’ve been using it for more that 2 years and apparently I still “don’t get it”.

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I was very puzzled by the discovery that only context-based perspectives sync. I’ve always liked OmniFocus’ flexibility (it pretty much adapts to any tasks keeping method you can come up with) so having this limitation in place feels very wrong.
I really hope that this limitation is going to be lifted in the next update.

This is a long requested feature. Email in a feature request for it to get your vote counted!

I have been using OF for several years, and I agree with your sentiment. Your way is not necessarily any worse because it isn’t canonically GTD!

You are aware of the fact that the new, now universal iPhone / iPad OmniFocus app fully supports syncing of all perspectives, context- and projectbased?