Perspective tagged "Today" on Apple watch

Hi friends!

When I look at the Apple Watch OF3 I can see today’s Forecast but it only shows:
-Tasks overdue.
-Tasks due today
But it doesn’t show me tasks with a label called “Today” that does show up in the OF3 iOS and OF3 Mac forecast.

Can’t show tasks with my tag “Today” in the OF3 Apple watch forecast?

This is very necessary for me …

90% of my OmniFocus is done via my Apple Watch, so I can definitely help here!

What I do is create a specific Watch perspective (creatively named “Watch”) and have it set to show flagged task, due tasks, and tasks with a specific tag (such as “Next”). That is then what I choose to display on the Watch face.

There are definitely MANY limitations to the WatchOS App, but I’ve figured out my own workarounds over the past few months, and having a workflow centred around the Watch is very possible.

Alternatively, if you don’t want that as a perspective to be the list you display, you can start flagging tasks instead, as these will show separately on the Watch app. This will require you to change the way you use flags and the “next” tag, so this may not work for you.


The watch app doesn’t have a Forecast view like the Mac/iOS apps. It has a view somewhat similar in that it shows past due, due today and due soon.

However there is a hack to get what you want. In the bottom tray on the watch you can use the crown to select 3 options. Pick the one at the top of the list that grabs the view from your phone. Now select the Today tag on your phone. Your screen will now show the normal past due, due today and due soon and the bottom will be a quick link to the Today tag similar to how the forecast view works on iOS and Mac.


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