Perspective text filtering woes

So here’s a thing: I want to build a perspective that filters for my active verb “plant”, such as “plant all vinca”, “plant all vines”, etc.

Sadly, given OF’s perspective text filtering, specifying Filtering > Find Text: “plant” also yields me unwanted actions such as “water all unplanted foliage”, or “water all potted or planted grasses”.

Specifying "plant " (that’s to say, including a space afterwards to force a word search) also fails to yield the results I need. OF stubornly discards the space and returns patterns in the broader form of * plant *.

Any suggestions on getting the granularity I need?

I would suggest using tags and adding a “plant” tag, at least on iOS for now.

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Indeed that was my thought, but I’m still in front of my MacOS OF 2.0 most of the day.

(Waiting for that Beta to drop…)

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You could do as people used to do and fake tags with a special character and the tag name. #plant or [plant], for example.

As a quick way to focus on a couple of actions especially if they are unrelated (different projects, tags, etc) but want to only see them, I created a custom perspective a couple of years ago that searches for the text “@@!!” which I’ll insert into the notes section of these couple of tasks I want to see together. The strange looking “@@!!” was by design and can be entered into the notes section or even title of an action, project, etc as I have it as a text expander snippet triggered w/ “;21” - I’m pretty sure I got the idea from David Sparks OF Field Guide Videos.

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