Perspective to show "orphan" tasks

Hi, is there a way to make a perspective or way of including in review tasks which have been assigned a context but no project? This would catch tasks which have been “cleaned up” from the Inbox of the behaviour to clean up tasks assigned with a task or project have been set. I know it’s naughty to have orphan tasks not part of a project but often there are little things where this is helpful.
Thanks, Justin

It’s not possible for a task to be an “orphan” like you put it here.

A task is either in the inbox, or in a project. It’s that simple.
What makes things a little less obvious is that it is possible to have tasks disappear from the inbox before you have assigned them a context.
One way is by marking them done.
Another is by assigning them only a context and having the ‘clean up inbox’ setting to items which have ‘a context’ or ‘either a project or a context’.

When one of these two conditions apply, omnifocus automatically assigns a project called ‘Miscellaneous’ where these tasks can be found.

So to find these tasks, all you have to do is find this miscellaneous project.

Thanks, that’s really helpful. I hadn’t clocked that OF would automatically create a miscellaneous project if I hadn’t assigned one, that gives me a go-to place for reviews.