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I have a few active projects contained in a folder (The Big Project :) = the root-folder), organized in a couple of subfolders.

In some of this projects I’m waiting for an answer from somebody else, so I have tasks like “Wait (since 28th of March) for an answer from X regarding Y!”, tagged with “waiting_for” and “X”.

Well… right now I have 11 such “waiting_for”-tasks and they are clouding a little my perspective (pun intended :) on the remaining tasks of the Big Project.

I realized my problem are not the “waiting_for”-tasks - these get easily tracked (with a “waiting_for”-perspective) and the projects are reviewed regularly, so they don’t get lost - but the fact that the “waiting_for”-tasks are hiding a little the other tasks!

So I started building a new OmniFocus-perspective with this goal: Show me the tasks in all the active projects…

  1. … within my root-folder,
  2. … whitout (!) the tag “waiting_for” and…
  3. … where this projects have at least another task then the “waiting_for”-ones.

and I discovered that I still don’t know exactly how to make a perspective that excludes tags / contexts (2) AND I also don’t know how to compute the number of all tasks within a project excepting the ones with the tag “waiting_for” :-( (3)

Do you have an idea how to do this?



I’d say create a perspective where you show:

  • availability: remaining
  • that are not a project or group
  • and that do not have the tag “waiting for”

That should show you all remaining tasks.
You can then sort them using the sort rules.

rules, filtering and sorting explanations can be found here:

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thanks for your reply!

Re-reading the article you sent I finally discovered how to make an exclusive statement (like “all tasks whitout the tag waiting_for”) so I was able to filter within my root-folder the remaining tasks from whitout the tag “waiting_for”.

What I still don’t get is avoiding the projects that have only one remaining task and this very last task has the tag “waiting_for”: I get the title of the project and no task underneath when sorting for projects or a place-holder-task with the name of the project itself when no sorting at all (this place-holder-tasks do not exist actually!).

So I’m a lot nearer now - thanks to you! - but a hurdle still remains: How to avoid listing projects that have only one remaining task when this task have the tag I excluded before?

Thanks again!


have you filtered on “is not a project or group”?

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No, I totally missed this!

And this solved everything!

Thanks, Janov - I’ve learned again something new!

glad it worked! :-)

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