Perspectives are changing on me

Since upgrading to OF3 Pro my perspectives have started misbehaving. I have a perspective called Work Plan which uses Project Hierarchy and focuses on Invoicing (a project) and DESIGN (a folder containing all of my work. See attached screenshot of the Perspective. This came straight from OF2, where it worked perfectly. But now, the perspective is focusing in on single projects within my DESIGN folder. I have to go to the Perspectives window, delete “DESIGN” from the Focus section and then reapply it. When I do, the perspective goes back to displaying properly.

Can anyone help with this? Thanks

Sorry for the trouble! You’re running into an ambiguity between focus and sidebar selection which affects compatibility with older version 2 perspectives. If you upgrade your perspective (by scrolling to the top of the perspective editor and clicking on the “Upgrade Perspective” button), it will convert the perspective’s focus into filter rules, which do a much better job of unambiguously spelling out exactly which items you want OmniFocus to show you in your perspective. Once you’ve done that, your sidebar selection will no longer get confused with your filter rules (formerly project focus).

Hope this helps!

Thanks, Ken!

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