Perspectives do not honor sidebar visibility?


In OF1, perspectives had the ability to store the layout of the window, but this appears to be gone from OF2.

I used this in a number of perspectives so I could hide the list of contexts or projects in a simplified view … does anyone else see this as an issue?

I’ve mentioned this in requests to, but as OF2 has gone to public test I’m losing hope …


It’s not on the short list for OmniFocus 2.0, but we hope to release many updates to OmniFocus 2, and this is a definite possibility for one of those.

+1 @idbjorh. I’m missing this too. I like my “Today” perspective to be clear of all site menus and tools bars. I miss this feature of OF1

@lizard While I’m thinking about it, it would be great if the option to hide the tabs was not tied to the project/context list’s visibility – there’s a bit of “clutter” in my projects/contexts that can be distracting, but the list of tabs on the side of the window is not bothersome.


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