Perspectives for Start Dates

Is there a way to make a perspective that includes items:

  1. Due today
  2. Deferred until today (e.g. Start today)
  3. Flagged

One reason I like Things 3 is that items with Start Dates appear in Today, but items without start dates stay in Anytime.

Any ideas?

Also curious about how to do this in OF2Pro (or OF3 when it comes out).

depends on perspective set up. I think it’s possible only if you do not filter by ‘due soon’ status. The minute I enable ‘due soon’ my test task disappears. This perspectibve may fit your needs but unfortunately will include tasks beyond today.

So, if this isn’t possible, how do people tell Omnifocus what they want to do on Day X? I mean on Sunday, I do a review and want to tell Omnifocus that I want to do TaskA on Monday and TaskB on Tuesday and TaskC on Wed. How to do this without hard due dates?

I use flags to denote “I’d like to do this today, but it isn’t due today”, so will flag things for today at the beginning of the day, or might flag and defer to preset something to grab my attention. I find this effective.

In OF3, people will be able to select (bless) a Tag (replacing Contexts) that can be shown in the Today view of the Forecast perspective. In that way, you can have a specific tag showing in that perspective alongside due things (and calendar events, if you like). That’s OF3, though.


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I agree with you. I currently use flags in a Dashboard perspective to manage the tasks I want to see today. Each morning, I review these flagged tasks in the Dashboard. If they are not deferred or are no longer deferred, they will show up in the Dashboard. If I want to continue to see them in the Dashboard, I leave them flagged and not/no longer deferred. If I do not want to see them today, I simply defer them to the next day, next business day, next month, etc. Sometimes, I even just defer them a couple of hours until someone is available to help me complete the task. The tasks will show up in the Dashboard again when the deferral period is over.

I may replace the flag method with tagged method when I move to OF3, but I’m not sure about this. Flagging is so easy!

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