Perspectives for tasks due in the next 2 weeks

I know I’m probably being dumb here.

I want to create a perspective which only shows me tasks due in the next 2 weeks.

I can show remaining actions and those with a due date, but I can’t seem to set when the due date should be (relatively) to before 2 weeks from today.

Filtering tasks down to a certain time range is not available in OmniFocus yet. You’d have to collapse all the groupings for anything over 2 weeks.

It’s not available in the OmniFocus 4 TestFlight for iOS/iPadOS as well. I’m thinking that such a feature idea might come in version 4.1 when Omni Group is able to break compatibility with OF3 and introduce new metadata that will offer this feature.

Send a feature request email to to get your voice heard.

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