Perspectives from Mac not showing on iPad

Hi Guys,

Anyone know why the Perspectives I create on my Mac do not show on Omnifocus v2 for iPad. I have the Pro version on the Mac and they show on my iPhone Version. Thanks for any answers.

Same here. Do you think there is an extra step to show that you have the Pro version? Do you have to restart?

Okay, wait. They’re there now. It just took a while to migrate over.

I don’t have the Pro version on the iPad, I have the pro on Mac. Does the new iPad version only show custom perspectives if you have the Pro? You would think it would be like the iPhone version. I create new Perspectives on my Mac and they sync out to the iOS devices.

Yes, only on the pro version. But if you had the iPad v.1 OmniFocus, the Pro Version is free.

These inconsistencies among platforms are always annoying :S

So… I purchase Omnifocus Pro $$ to be able to create Perspectives, they sync to the iPhone but not iPad. I’m now being asked to Purchase another Pro Version $$, just to see my Perspectives that I already have the ability to create? Omni-Humans, Please Chime in here! This makes no logical sense. :-( So if you buy the Pro version on the iPad, does it not sync to the Mac ? Help!!!

Your data and perspectives always sync; whether you can use the synced perspectives on a given device depends on whether you have upgraded to Pro on that device. (As noted, this distinction does not apply to iPhone where there is no Pro version; OmniFocus 2 for iPhone, however, can only display Context-mode perspectives.)

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Keeping in mind I have Pro on Mac and iPad, these inconsistencies are a bad experience and leave a bad taste in my mouth–and I’m not even personally affected. But I am invested in your continuing business practices, and for $30 someone really should not have to buy an additional Pro add-on to get feature parity with the phone version.

It’s plain that Omni is considering iPad to be closer to the Mac in terms of capabilities, options, and pricing; however, I think that cow left the barn when the iPhone and first iPad version were able to consume custom context perspectives and expectations have been set. It’s also very unusual in general to have these kinds of differences between tablet and phone versions that are otherwise largely the same.

In short, this will surprise people, and not in a good way.

I hope you reconsider. We buy into an ecosystem, and a pricy one at that. It’s reasonable to expect things to be intuitive, and that includes feature sets across platforms.

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I have OF2 Mac, OF2 iPhone and OF1 iPad. If I purchase OF2 iPad I understand that I get a free upgrade to the OF2 iPad Pro. If I create a perspective in OF2 iPad will it sync to the Mac and iPhone or is it only viewable in OF2 iPad? It seems like if you have a Pro version with perspectives in one of the OF2 versions you should be able to view it in another and not have to purchase again. I would call a customer with all three versions a very loyal customer and give them a break!

I’m having the same exact problem… is there any fix?

Have you confirmed that you have purchased or redeemed the Pro upgrade for OmniFocus for iPad? If you have previously purchased the Pro upgrade (on another iPad or prior to deleting and reinstalling the app), you may need to restore the purchase.

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