Perspectives in OF3

I may be missing something, but I have two things I’d like to do with Perspectives that don’t seem possible:

  1. Combine tags with AND - example: a perspective that shows items that are tagged Urgent AND Important. I can do an OR, but not what I need
  2. Ways to use a negative. E.g. all tasks that don’t have a due date, all tasks that are not urgent

Anyone else have thoughts on this


Perspectives haven’t been changed yet in the builds we have. It has been said though they’re being worked on and I hope we get them soon :)


In the Omnishow podcast it has been said that Ken Case is working personally on it and it is an important issue :)

Thanks all for the updates

Very important to have more flexible perspectives if the potential of tagging is to be realized. I need to say “these projects” OR “these tags”.

It is serious issue you have to give more important to perspectives for tagging realized

The latest OF3 beta build provides both the features I asked for in my original post