Perspectives on iPad and relationship to Perspectives on Mac


I have some perspectives on the Mac which do some cool stuff.

I have noticed that SOME make it onto the iPad whilst others do not.
I have also noticed that some that did make it do not function as the do on the Mac.

I understand that project mode perspectives do not make it across onto the iPad (As per Missing some custom perspectives on the iphone)

What I would like to know is why the perspective that does make it does not work.
It is sorting on the word ‘Waiting’ thus picking up anything in the tree that is waiting on something.
It works perfectly on the Mac but on the iPad it returns zero results.


Currently, only context perspectives transfer over.

Project perspectives don’t transfer over to OmniFocus for iPhone and iPad. But recent screenshots on twitter shows the ability to create project perspectives.

I can’t remember where I found it. I think it was Ken Case’s twitter account or the @omnifocus account. Search for it there.

The new Omnigroup blog post indicates the ability of OmniFocus 2 for iPad to create perspectives on the iPad itself!

So, we might just get project perspectives on the iPad after all! But it does say “Pro”. Maybe it means that we have an in-app purchase to get “pro” features on the iPad?

Yes, they are there*.

Free if you already have v1*.

* according to @kcase :D