Perspectives 'quick open' button

Wow, really loving the new OF2, great work!!!

Very minor comment on the perspectives ‘quick open’ button at the top of the screen - it doesn’t quite function as expected. Currently, it requires two clicks to get to your perspectives list: the first click opens a small window, then a second click on a drop down button accesses the perspectives list. Would it be possible to skip the first step? That is, when clicking the ‘quick open’ button you get the drop-down list right away? This would be similar to what you get when you click the eye (view) button. Would make switching between perspectives faster.

Again, not a big deal, but would be nice.


It’s worth noting that you can go straight to a perspective by using the Perspectives menu.

It seems like it might get in the way to have Quick Open show the list immediately, since you can use Quick Open to open projects, contexts, and folders as well as perspectives.

Or are you looking for a perspectives-specific toolbar button? If so, please email our support humans,, so we get the request in our database.

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Ahh, I see… sorry, I misunderstood how the ‘quick open’ button worked. For me, I have so many old perspectives (that need to be deleted) that I saw just a long list of perspectives when I hit the drop-down button on that quick open window. I assumed it was intended as a quick selector for perspectives. Please disregard this comment - the perspectives menu works just fine.

Thanks for the quick response!