Phantom End Date Constraints when Leveling

I’m trying to level my schedule. A number of violations appear that all start with:

1: [Task] has an end constraint date of

The task in question does not have an end date constraint. In fact, no tasks in my schedule have an end date constraint.

Any thoughts?


Found a solution. I just created a new task to replace the ones that were failing. Set them up the exact same way and it works fine now. Must be a bug.

@hutcht Sorry for the trouble! This doesn’t sound like a bug we’re aware of in OmniPlan. If you’d like to send a copy of the problematic file in to our Support team, we’d be happy to take a look at it (at the very least, this sounds like an example of a violation message that could be improved). Our Support team can be reached at


Thanks for the response. I should have done a save as before attempted to fix it, but I didn’t. Not sure of how to reproduce it now.

@hutcht Not a problem! Hopefully whatever you hit was a one-off, but if you do encounter this issue again please let our Support team know! We try our best to stay caught up with our forums, but an email or phone call is the best way to get ahold of us for help.