Phonetic Guide Text for Simplified Chinese

Hi! Is there a way to include the pinyin above simplified chinese text (phonetic guide text) in OmniOutliner?

maybe this will help?

Hi, thanks for the answer, but I’m looking for a slightly different thing. I want to be able to display the Chinese character with the pinyin above the character. I use a Chinese IME that types in the character. In Pages and Word on Mac OSX I can then select this text and ask for the phonetic guide text. This will display the pinyin over the character. The end result is something like the picture on this page: Is there a way to achieve this in OmniOutliner? Thanks!

Sorry. I wish I knew. I would have loved to have this when I was taking Chinese classes many years ago.

I see there is a Google Groupl for Chinese Mac questions. Try asking there… I’m not sure how active the group is.!forum/chinesemac