Pill reminder functionality?

This should be so simple, yet I see no obvious solution. Would like to set up a pill reminder, without it cluttering up Forecast view. Easy to set up 5-6 tasks that repeat, but how do I keep them out of the Forecast view?

I appreciate you’re trying to do this in OF, but I use Due app on IOS to remind me to take pills. I find it works for me.

I use Due for tasks which are drop dead which I need to “come to me” and I use OF when I sit down to do things and am looking what to work on next.

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I have Due, but currently use Reminders. Still looking to see if I missed anything. Essentially the question is - can I exclude specific tags or projects from the Forecast view? Will ask Support next.

So I heard back from the Support Human:


Thanks for getting in touch!

I’m afraid it is not currently possible to exclude items from the Forecast perspective right now. We do have a request on file for some way of doing this, and I’ll get you added to it. You are certainly not alone in having some regularly repeating items that you want to have a firm due date, but don’t need cluttering up your Forecast view all the time. Hopefully, this is something we can make happen in a future release.

If you have any additional suggestions, questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to let me know. We really appreciate your input and support!



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