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In some applicaitons, when I click on a number, I get a popup that says “Call xxxxxxx”.
In OmniFocus I get the Edit this text popup.

It’s extremely tiresome to copy the number from OF, open the Phone App, and past the number there. How can I make a call directly from a text string in OmniFocus?


Not sure why you experience this behaviour.

When I paste a phone number in the notes of a task I get a list of options, among which “call number”. When I choose this option, I get a second iOS dialog to confirm I want to call that number. If I choose yes, it calls that number.

No copy/paste involved for me.

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Thanks for the input! 👍
I realize now what’s the problem: I put the numbers in the Title, not in the Note. I just tested this, and it works as intended if I put the number in the Notes section of the action.
I wonder if I’m the only one that wants to call from the Title…? 🤔😜


I stumbled upon this code.


This will provide a clickable link inside the notes field that will launch a phone call to the number specified.

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should work in all apps across iOS and macOS that can handle URLs

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