Plan a Day / work with Hours an Minutes


im new to Omniplan and just want to figure out, if I could use it for my needs.

I´ve got a project which needs to be organized by half an hours.

Normaly Omni Plan is showing the Date at the top of the plan.

I already switched it to hours, but it starts at 8 o´Clock and 12 are missing.
How could I change it?


Is there a option to display the name of the Task in the Boxes of the Plan?

The hours that show at the top of the Gantt chart will reflect the hours that are set for your project in the Calendar View. Adjusting the normal work week hours will adjust what hours display on the top of the plan.

To make the Task name display in the task boxes in the Gantt chart, you’ll want to adjust the Task View Options. Go to View > View Options (or press Command-J), to bring up this menu. In the Tasks Label section, click on the center Task box; it has as it’s current label. Change this to Title and the name of the task will display inside the Task box on the Gantt.

I hope that helps!