PLEASE: Font colours

For the love of God, can you please add the capability to alter the colours of the fonts in OF?

Your grey is far too light to be in compliance with ADA and (from a professional designer UX person) is almost impossible to read for people with less than perfect vision.

I know we all want to be Steve Jobs and to know what people want before they do - but most of us aren’t. That’s why he was notable. You’re not Steve Jobs. Please make your application work, not just look trendy.


Some Omni staff occasionally read the forums, but their purpose is for users to discuss issues and provide mutual support. If you wish to get a request like this into the queue, email it to: (or, in OF on the Mac, select Help > Contact Omni).

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And there’s more company presence on the Slack site

( but don’t expect too much – the company culture has deepish roots in a tradition of painting over design difficulties with a spot of decoration :)

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