Please include the Inbox in the list of Folders in In OmniFocus 2

Hello OmniFocus 2 Pro developers,

Please include the Inbox in the list of Folders in In OmniFocus 2.

In OmniFocus 1, it was possible to Focus on folders AND the Inbox, but this is not possible in OmniFocus 2. Please find a way to make this possible. One easy way would be to simply include the Inbox in the list of folders, as was done in OmniFocus 1. This helps the user with two common, important tasks:

  1. Sometimes a user needs to create a quick to-do item in the Inbox and mark it with some level of urgency, and so they create a due date of, say, today or tomorrow. Then, later, the user wants to see everything pressing that they need to do for, say, job-related tasks (as opposed to home-related tasks). So the user sets the Focus (if that feature is available in their version) to all of the job-related folders PLUS the Inbox, selects the Forecast tab, and can see EVERYTHING that he or she needs to do today or tomorrow. This is possible in OmniFocus 1, but not possible to do in OmniFocus 2, at least not using Focus.

  2. Sometimes a user want to conduct an informal review of all their to-do items in a set of folders. (The Focus can be off for this; it’s not that important in this scenario.) The user selects the Projects tab, clicks on the top project, and then uses the down-arrow key to scroll through the projects, while visually scanning the to-do items in each project. When they get to the bottom or the list, or the last folder of interest, they conclude that they are done. This is ONLY possible in OmniFocus 1, and not OmniFocus 2, because the Inbox is in that list for OmniFocus 1 but not OmniFocus 2. I have sometime done this task only to realize that I have completely overlooked some of the most pressing things to do because they were in the Inbox.

I understand that the Inbox is a folder with a special status, but isolating it in OmniFocus 2 means that users can overlook some of their most important pressing to-do items. Please try to put it back into the Folder view as it was in OmniFocus 1.

Thank you for your consideration.

Best wishes,
Anthony H.


hey @anthonyh, You are in good company with Your request, there already has been a rather unhealthy discussion about this featureHere You find it!

Yes please, make it a hidden setting like the compact mode if you want, but give us the choice of showing the inbox in the projects list.