Please make it easier to navigate OmniFocus using hardware keyboards (especially iOS, but Mac could also improve)

Actually it is very simple:

I would really like to be able to fully navigate omnifocus 3 for iOS using kleyboard shortcuts (like things 3)
But:L that also goes for OF 3 for mac.

for both products I still have to use mouse or finger WAY too many times to be able to quickly navigate the interface


I’m also a friend of keyboard shortcuts. It would be interesting to hear what shortcuts you would like to have, and what it is that is possible in Things 3.

I think this explains it best:

Navigate the app without ever touching the screen…

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+1. I used to think OF had great iOS keyboard support until I tried Things 3. Now I think OF’s support is paltry.

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+1 I haven’t tried Things, but as much keyboard control as possible is high priority for me.

+1 Seriously

Don’t forget to mail these wishes to the Omni Group support, as this is a user forum only occasionaly viewed by The Omni Group! My suggestion is to be as specific as possible. Everybody wants a better application with better shortcuts, but it’s probably better chances to get that with explicit wishes.

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I just copied this thread to OF support :-)

This is about the only aspect of the application I really want improved. I use my iPad with a hardware keyboard when working and at present most other apps I use have much better keyboard support. It would be the icing on the cake.

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