Please make the stencil window a sidebar

Can we please please pretty please have a stencil window in a drawer or sidebar again. This floating window is awful, and the “stencil menu” thing is even worse.

I seriously find this construct unusable and i’m floating back to libre office draw ( gack ) basically because of this.


I completely agree and it’s nearly a deal breaker because it’s cumbersome to use.

This UX is so bad I was convinced I was missing something obvious. Apparently not. It’s also the very first thing I tried to use when I downloaded the trial, so not exactly putting its best foot forward.

Re the specific issue named in the thread, I understand from other threads, this is coming: Stencil in a sidebar; stencil in a floating window, as an option, because different people want different things.

Re the larger issue, that the UX in general is a disaster, that is a different issue. No upcoming improvements AFAIK.


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Agreed. Downloaded Omnigraffle 7 and found it to be even less useable than 6. At first I liked resizable stencil floating window but then I closed it and now I can NOT see stencils at all.