Plug-in: "Plug-In: Transform Links" error

Hi everyone: I’m trying to use the plugin provided by omnigroup at “Omni Automation Plug-In: Transform Links” and I’m using I’m using “Plug-In: Transform Links”, and I’m getting errors because I’ve repeatedly modified it myself without success, so I’m looking forward to your help! Thank you very much~

of-note-replace-links-with-markdown.omnifocusjs (1.5 KB)
of-note-replace-markdown-links.omnifocusjs (2.1 KB)

Problem solved by omni support:
The issue here is these two plug-ins for transforming links only work with OmniFocus 4 TestFlight builds, which have added some new features to our automation API. This should get noted more prominently on that webpage, though the plug-ins themselves should also probably be updated to warn you that they won’t work with OmniFocus 3.