Possible Exporting from OF2 to OO & keeping live link to "Original Message" email?

Many useful scripts exist to export tasks from OF to OO, & while those keep the data from emails embedded in the task notes, they do not keep the live link to the “Original Message” email as OF does.

This feature is useful if the email contains an attachment for instance, which don’t get imported into OF in the first case. That live link would allow reference back to spreadsheet or presentation for instance.

The broader purpose is to keep OF focused (so to speak) on active projects & use OO as an organized reference material. But to do that usefully, they need to speak better.

Copy & paste of the OF note preserves the live link in OO, but that is cumbersome for a bunch of data.

Does anyone know you know of another way or an updated script to do this? Many thanks in advance.


Refreshing this request. Is this anywhere on the OF development list? Thanks in advance for replies or ideas.