Possible feature for aliases?

Any chance OmniOutliner can provide features for alias notes / rows in the future?

It’s a wonderful app, but in my view that’s a big hole that should be filled.



asking myself the same, as I am still evaluating OmniOutliner to take a place in my software suite.
– but I am not sure Omni-team will be responding to such things here. (it doesn´t seem their culture from looking through the forums here)

… it basically seems like the one thing that holds OmniOutliner back from leaning forward from being an outliner / database / spreadsheet tool to it being something to be used in the realm of knowledge management (because with all its flexibility it still holden to linearity… :-/)

so: +1
and: curiously wondering as well :-)

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Any joy ??

Sure hoping this can happen! Would be a major game-changer…

If you’re interested in something like this, the best thing to do is to let the OmniOutliner team know about your interest! To do this, please email omnioutliner@omnigroup.com. (These forums are for chatting with other customers, not with Omni’s teams.) You should receive an automated response immediately, and a personal response from a support human within one business day.

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Thanks. Have let them know. Repeatedly. To no avail…

as this seems to be about the general culture of exchange my thoughts / feelings as new subscriber to Omni:
it would feel better, I think (IMHO) if there is a way / channel to collectively voice, mark and track these things and make the landscape of experiences / wishes / views and negotiations / priorizations visible – in a way that it is shared at the same time by a) the OO-community and b) by (relevant parts) of the OO-staff.

I feel any good developer that I know / value has such a kind of collective interface to their paying customer base.
… and I´d wish – and actually was expecting – such a cherished, (in the best way:) ‘old school’ company as Omni would have something in the communications offering beyond a model in which everyone sends emails that breathe the air / atmosphere of isolation, creating an overall invisibility between the OO-community as community and Omni.
(and as someone pointed out in the forums, this atomized, lonely emailing also becomes ineffective in mass communication as it creates multi-paralleled communication blurbs, and prevents people from things like knowing what already was raised, how many people actually share the demand, what the (non-)prioritizing view of Omni might officially be, what arguments are around for/against… – i.e.: feature discussion in lonely emails single-customer to developer really imo become ineffective for everyone involved…)

just my opinion as subscriber.
– and sorry, should I have overlooked an exitsting channel for such kind of open collective exchange btw. Omni and its (OO-)user-base. happy to learn of it, in case this already exists!


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@lerone Also see comments by @kcase and also various users in this thread.


As you can see the Omni Group now seems to have come to consider the OO forums it hosts just a place for users to “chat” with other users rather than a valuable support channel commonly used by developers of premium software. If users can’t or don’t answer questions, they often just sit there, unanswered.

For some topics there sometimes can be activity on the Slack channel (check out the link on the OmniGroup webpage).

hey @SGIII, thanks for your addition / insight!
… actually I saw that some time ago, but had to take some time to weigh some things in my head (and stomach).
your answer underlines my gut-feeling.
unfortunately an as stark underline to me is that since 16d someone obviously present (in some way) on this forum representing Omni (I guess) and being directly adressed w/ what I think is a valid question doesn´t even answer / react in one line… (that is on @kcase to be transparent – but in the end I don´t see this as an individual question but really and substantially as a company policy/culture-decision…)
… all that (plus the unadressed roadmap question and other signs) made me pull the plug on this one.

I did just subscribe with some respect to what OmniOutliner was promising, and also with what Omni (I thought) stands for. but honestly, paying 50 quit as a yearly subscription with the kind of user relations culture (I am not the first to use ‘customer’ – and ‘customer-relations’ as (self-)description) and not having a current roadmap and not having a functioning feedback-culture with the user-collective and not bothering to even answer… all that gives me a bad feeling.

… so, I guess Omni just lost a customer. not that I want to see them hurt (or even think me ‘leaving’ is even a thing for such a company) – but I just want to leave that bad feeling behind.

so, I guess I delegate my hopes somewhere else like Craft, or any other good vibe solution with some living / organic dynamics that can work as my draft / knowledge cultivation tool.

at least I can say in the brief time I was here, I experienced the OO-user-forum as real quality base. very responsive. very helpful. very well intended and spirited. (special kudos to @Mockman btw! :-) )
– so, I wish all of you all the best + thank everyone that extended attention and help!


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@lerone Craft looks to be a winner. Nice design, strong and improving feature set, 21st century customer support, an active user community. OO’s got the first two (though improvements seem to be a thing of the past). The last two, alas, not so much any more. Anyway, hope you find the tools that are a good fit for you.

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thx SGIII - same to you!
I´d add: customizability. that was a big reason that draw me to OO as well.
strong + improving feature set: I was trying to get the confidence for that looking here + around. I personally didn´t really get this one w/ confidence. but maybe I was not long enough ‘ob board’ to judge.
as to the last: I can only say the best of the community I found. for me as a newbie it rather seemed ‘adrift from the mothership’. and that´s not the communities fault, it seemed to me.

do well, do good + stay safe!

I am also wondering if there is a way to create aliases in OmniOutliner, or if there’s some way to alert the company about the community’s interest in creating this feature.

Per post above, Omni Group wants you to email or telephone them.