Possible Feature Request: Link to Contacts to get task details

I often have tasks that involve calling or mailing someone and I usually paste addresses or phone numbers into the notes so that I don’t need to leave OF when actioning the task. It would be very useful if tasks could be linked to people (new field or fields?) and the details for those people drawn from my Contacts. If others agree with this I will raise it as a feature request




if you open the contacts app. you can drag and drop email addresses, and any other field info onto the notes field of any OF action

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I just noticed this as well, it’d be extremely useful to be able to put in the entire contact, especially if I need more than just the phone number.

I’ve written two Keyboard Maestro macros that simplify this for now: the first copies the highlighted name, opens Address book and finds the name … the second copies the phone number, closes Contacts, and then pastes it in parens at the end of the task’s line.

Until a solution is baked into OF, this works very quickly and easily for me.

I haven’t been able to get the link to a specific card in Contacts to work with drag n drop. So, it’s supposed to be working?

I’m unable to get this to work either in Mavericks.

When I drag the contact onto the notes field, I see what appears to be a link icon. When I drop the contact, nothing is generated. Individual fields don’t appear to be drag-and-drop capable, so other than simple copy-and-paste, how is this working for you guys?