Possible to add scripts to toolbar?

It was possible in OF1 by editing toolbar, then you could see the scripts there. In OF2 I do not see my scripts. Or am I doing it wrong?


Yes you can! Just add your scripts to the OmniFocus scripts folder that is accessible from the Help menu and they will be available to choose from when you customize your toolbar!


Thank you!

Anything I am missing? I just tried that with the final release of OF2 and the scripts do not turn when I select “View” -> “Customize toolbar”?


The scripts in OF2 are in a different location than when used in OF1 - open from the Help menu as noted above, rather than the Mac toolbar’s open OmniFocus Scripts menu item.

I just went through the same issue and now have the scripts available to me.


I’ve tried opening the script both ways. Incidentally, I can run it from the apple menu and it works. But I’d really like to add it to the OF2 toolbar. But when I “customize toolbar” it doesn’t show up. I did follow the instructions above, however, and opened the omnifocus script folder via the help menu, then added the scripts there. And I do have the pro upgrade. What am I doing wrong?

For me, it made a difference, when I saved the scripts as “scripts” not as “applications”. So, do not translate them to an application. (I hope I got the wording right, I am just translating back from the german version of OSX to the english)



Mine are also scripts and not applications.

Is it possible to change script’s icon in toolbar? I’d like to have a couple of scripts there and distinguish visually. Thanx.

I’ve pasted a new icon on the script through the finder and it shows up like that in the toolbar.