Possible to detail progress of a task?

Hi, is there a way to be able to show and/or edit the progress of a task ?
I’d like to have some more options than the simple “active-finished-abandoned” buttons.
Isn’t it possible to detail some more the “active” status, f.ex. being able to add timestamped info as to what has been done to progress a specific task (date, phone call, mail, reply etc)?

Facetious answer: yes it’s called the notes field.

More comprehensive answer: you can set up a tag system to push a task through a series of stages like a Kanban system, you could indeed use the note field to document events that relate to that task like call made on (date) we discussed etc.

You can also link in the notes field to external files such as an outline document, DEVONthink, drafts etc etc.

OF is not really designed to track tasks in the way I think you are asking for, ultimately it’s a task manager not a project manager.


You can also break down tasks into smaller parts by taking advantage of the unlimited levels action groups possible in OF.

OF sets the ‘Date completed’ field when each action is checked off.

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yea that’s true, but is kinda counterintuitive, as it presents a task as composed of subtasks… Funny OF devs didn’t include the option to detail the progress of a task really.

Some funny OF customers don’t see that Omnifocus is not a project management system.
I worked as a funny developer for 26 years and then changed my work area because, among other things, customers annoyed me with the funniest wishes.
In Omnifocus it is no problem to add notes to tasks or projects or to link them with optional content in e.g. Evernote. To do this quickly, you can also use Applescript.
Check out the thread “How (and Where) do you keep running progress notes on projects?” in OF-forum.

Funny greetings


now that was funny indeed ! Funny people over here lol…

Personally, I’ve kept OmniFocus to manage my tasks. I use an external app to keep track of notes and history.

I see OmniFocus as my task manager. Then I use DEVONthink (or any notes app such as the Agenda app, GoodNotes, or just a plain text) to record the dates and history of a particular project. I’ll have emails, meeting minutes, and personal observations in the other app with thoughts about the current progress/direction of the project.

When I want to check on a project, it’s easier to go to DEVONthink instead of OmniFocus. Use the Notes field for immediate information for the task but not as a history.

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