Possible to filter "active projects that have at least one current task"?

Hi forum,

I’m curious if it’s possible to set a filter for active projects that also have at least one non-deferred task.

I find this is a great aid to focus and getting rid of visual clutter. Things does this elegantly so I was wondering if OF2 could as well.



Off the top of my head, I would suggest this can only be done using Applescript.


Thanks JJW. Do you know if it can even be done by AppleScript? I can imagine iterating over project folders and querying whether they have any current tasks, but is there an actual AppleScript command to hide an arbitrary folder?


This isn’t exactly what you need, but it may get you thinking about how to implement the AppleScript needed. Besides, I always learn from one of Curt’s scripts!


You can also do the opposite of this, which is to look at Active projects that have no next actions, by filtering projects in the perspective by “Stalled”. In this way, you know which projects might need that next action added.

I don’t know if that helps, though. :)


Thanks everyone. Deturbulence, this does give a hint about how to write such an AppleScript.

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